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Title: Ultra Dynamised and Undynamised Dilutions of Alloxan at Micro-doses Influence Selective Pancreatic Beta Cell and Hormonal Profile: An Experimental Approach
Authors: Kumar, Sunil
Nayak, C.
Keywords: alloxan
ultra dynamised dilutions
anti-diabetic activity in albino rats
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: Indian Journal of Research In Homoeopathy Vol.2 (4)
Abstract: Dynamised and Undynamised preparations of Alloxan 6x, 30x, 200x, and 1000x were examined for its anti-diabetic activities in Alloxan induced diabetes mellitus albino rats. Oral administration of dynamised potencies of Alloxan 6x, 30x, 200x, and 1000x at dose level of 50μ1/100 g.b.w. daily for 30 days regularly exhibited slow and steady fall in blood sugar level accompanied with perceptible increase in serum growth hormone (GH) i.e. p < 0.01 (less significant) and p < 0.001 (significant) respectively when compared to dynamised and Undynamised control as well as Undynamised Alloxan fed groups under identical conditions. Histological and histo-morphometric studies also revealed reactivation of Pancreatic β-cells. Dynamised dilutions of Alloxan acts steadily through hypothalamo-hypophysial- pancreatic β-cells axis producing selective reactivation of β- cells at micro-doses, steadily viz 6x < 30x < 200x < 1000x. The drug may indirectly release Releasing factors (RF) from hypothalamic neurons, stimulating the secretion of growth hormone which in turn triggers optimum insulin secretion from β-cells. The therapeutic action of the test drug in dynamised dilutions at micro dose and relatively high dilutions on pancreatic β-cells confirms the phenomenon of “Potentization” & “Similia Similibus Curentur” and lack of acute and sub-acute toxicity at fairly large dosage may open up new prospects in the treatment of diabetes mellitus and throw light in elucidating the mechanism of action at higher dilutions. It was noticed that the dynamised dilutions of alcohol fed control group is more toxic and lethal to animals than the dynamised and Undynamised dilutions of Alloxan and Undynamised alcohol fed control groups. Furthermore, it was also discernible that blood sugar and growth hormone levels were stabilized even after withdrawal of test drug in its 30x, 200x and 1000x potencies.
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