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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1979Object - Healthy ChildMondal, Amiya Kanti
1964Objective Methods Of RemedyGutman, William
2004Objective monitoring of response of homoeopathic medicines using medical analyzer: An abstractJindal, GD
2016An observation on direct changes in Aedes albopictus midgut cells by Rhus tox 6C in relation to dengue virus infectionSinha, Moonmoon; Roy, Enakshi; Das, Satadal; Sarkar, Debabrata B.; Nayak, Debadatta; Khurana, Anil; Manchanda, Raj Kumar
2021An observational study on the effect of individualised homoeopathic medicine administered based on totality of symptoms vis‑à‑vis personality in cases of osteoarthritis kneeKumar, N Rajeev; lyer, N Harihara
2017An observational study on usefulness of Bromium 30C in atopic respiratory complaints by assessing serum immunoglobulin E levelsAkhil, B.G.
1952Observations on "Hahnemann's Prevision of Bacteriology - A Misconception"Kishore, J.
1957Observations On Dave Committee ReportDatye, R.V.
1947Observations On The End Results of Major SurgeryBryant, C.P.
1977Obstacles to cureMallick, R D
1966Obstacles To Cure And Health-
1962Obstacles To The Spread of The Homoeopathic System of Treatment In The CountryDasgupta, NK
2010Ocimum sanctum - A multicentric double blind homoeopathic pathogenetic trialRajpal; Singh, Vinay Kr.; Roy, R.K.; Chaudhary, C.P.; Mal, P.C.; Bhakat, A.K.
2013-07-09Odisha Homoeopathic Medical Service Rules, 2013.Government of Odisha
2018-04-24Of trials and tribulations; Studies after studies are trying to find the link between diet and diseases. But where do contradicting results of related research leave us?-
1983Office TestimonySpalding, R.W.
1919-02An official opinion of base hospital no.48-
1966Official Recognition of Registered Homoeopaths-
2005Oh! my back!Mishra, SC
1868The OHIO Medical & Surgical Reporter-