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Title: An observational study on usefulness of Bromium 30C in atopic respiratory complaints by assessing serum immunoglobulin E levels
Authors: Akhil, B.G.
Keywords: Analysis of variants
Atopic respiratory complaints
Bromium 30C
Serum immunoglobulin E
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Indian Journal of Research In Homoeopathy Vol.11 (3)
Abstract: Background: Atopic disorders represent a major health problem worldwide affecting 5%–30% of the population. The present study evaluates the action of Bromium 30C in reducing serum IgE levels. Objective: To assess the variation of serum IgE levels before, during and after intervention with Bromium 30C. Materials and Methods: Thirty cases of atopic respiratory complaints (diagnosed based on clinical history, CMDT guidelines and serum IgE values during the fi rst visit) were selected as per the inclusion criteria using purposive sampling technique. Bromium 30C was prescribed for these cases and followed for 3 months. Bromium 30C was repeated twice daily for 2 weeks and placebos were administered in between. Serum IgE values were checked every month. The data was statistically analysed using mean, standard deviation and analysis of variants (ANOVA). Results: ANOVA for repeated measures showed P = 0.000, which is highly signifi cant. Pairwise comparison of serum IgE levels in before and during, during and after treatment groups showed P = 0.007, which is highly signifi cant. Pairwise comparison of serum IgE levels in during and after treatment group showed P = 0.016, which is signifi cant. Conclusion: There is a signifi cant reduction in serum IgE levels in cases of atopic respiratory complaints during and after homoeopathic treatment with Bromium 30C.
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