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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1964The E.S.I And Other Schemes Vis-A-Vis HomoeopathyKanjilal, J.N
1900The Ear and its DiseaseWhitaker, Edgar
2001Eclipta AlbaRaj, J.; Tiwari, A.K.; Singh, K.P.
2005Economically Viable Medicinal Plants Useful In The Homoeopathic System of MedicineBaburaj, D. Suresh
1963EditorialKanjilal, J.N
1963EditorialKanjilal, J.N.
1963EditorialKanjilal, J.N
1963EditorialKanjilal, J.N
1963EditorialKanjilal, J.N
1951Editorial Article Of The Journal Of The Indian Medical Association ,July, 1949-
1918Editorial notes-
1919Editorial notes-
1981Effect of 1000 & 10000 Potencies of Pulsatilla ( A Homoeopathic Drug) on Ovaries, Uterii and Arcuate Neurons in Albino RatsVelicheti, Sarswathi H.; Chandrasekhar, K.
2018Effect of Cephalandra indica against advanced glycation end products, sorbitol accumulation and aldose reductase activity in homoeopathic formulationKishore, Lalit; Singh, Randhir
1977-04Effect of Conium Maculatum on the Reproductive cycle of white albino female ratsDeb, Chandicharan
2019Effect of Cuprum metallicum potentised through both serial dilution and succussion in comparison to succussion alone on Escherichia coli bacterial system and electrical properties of poly (vinylidene fluoride‑co‑hexafluoropropylene) polymerGayen, AL; Mondal, D; Bera, D; Biswas, P
1989Effect of Homoeopathic Drugs In Controlling Multiplication of Hepatitis - B VirusSingh, Hari; Gandhi, B.M.; Irshad, M.