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Title: Effect of Homoeopathic Drugs In Controlling Multiplication of Hepatitis - B Virus
Authors: Singh, Hari
Gandhi, B.M.
Irshad, M.
Keywords: Homoeopathic Drug
Hepatitis - B Virus
Issue Date: 1989
Citation: CCRH Quarterly Bulletin Vo 11 (1&2)
Abstract: The present study describes an in vitro effect of homoeopathic drugs on HBV-associated DNA - polymerase activity. A total number of twenty samples, of seven Homoeopathic drugs specially prepared in different potencies in distilled water were tested. Twelve out of twenty samples of drugs showed an inhibitory effect on DNA-P activity. The extent of inhibition varied with dilutions and . the drugs used. This study was presumed to be helpful in understanding the possible use of these drugs in anti-viral therapy for hepatitis -B infection. Also this inhibitive activity of the Homoeopathic drugs in micro-dilutions (High potencies) explains the curative action of Homoeopathic medicines administered upon patients, and opens an entirely new area of research to explore the specificity of particular micro-dilutions (potencies) of different Homoeopathic medicines in achieving the optimum curative effects therefrom.
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