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Title: Individualized homeopathy in a case of liver abscess: A case report
Authors: Chhikara, Jyoti
Singh, Rahul
Keywords: Bryonia alba
Liver abscess
Issue Date: 2022
Citation: Indian Journal of Research in Homoeopathy Vol: 16(1)
Abstract: Introduction: Liver abscesses (LAs) are purulent collections in the liver parenchyma that result from bacterial, fungal, or parasitic infection which can spread to the liver by extension of an adjacent infection, or as a result of trauma. Homoeopathic approach of treating the disease based on symptom totality is a relevant alternative to often unsatisfactory conventional medicine in cases of LA. Case Summary: A 35-year old male who presented with LA was treated with homoeopathic medicine based on the totality of symptoms and significant improvement was seen with resolution of abscess in the liver along with relief in other presenting symptoms. This enhances our belief in the potential of individualized homeopathy in treating infectious conditions.
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