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Title: Protective effect of Gymnema sylvestre L. against advanced glycation end‑product, sorbitol accumulation and aldose reductase activity in Homoeopathic Formulation
Authors: Kishore, Lalit
Singh, Randhir
Keywords: Advanced glycation end‑products
Aldose reductase inhibition
Diabetic complications
G. sylvestre
Homoeopathic preparations
Oxidative stress
Sorbitol accumulation
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Indian Journal of Research In Homoeopathy Vol.9 (4)
Abstract: Background: Oxidative stress ensues due to the imbalance between the production and elimination of reactive oxygen species. Chronic hyperglycemia along with oxidative stress plays major role in aggravation of chronic disorders such as diabetes and its related complications. Objective: This study was designed to evaluate the protective effect of Gymnema sylvestre L. against oxidative stress. Materials and Methods: Potencies of G. Sylvestre were procured from Dr. Willmar Schwabe India Pvt. Ltd. In vitro antioxidative potential of G. sylvestre was evaluated by employing various in vitro antioxidant methods. Results: The total phenol content was found to be 2124, 998 and 546 mg/g Gallic Acid Equivalents in Mother tincture, 6C and 30C of G. sylvestre and total antioxidant capacity was found to be 2940,802 and 559 μM/g ascorbic acid equivalents respectively. Mother tincture, 6C and 30C of G. sylvestre were found to have strong reducing power, 2,2‑diphenyl‑1‑picrylhydrazyl radical, hydrogen peroxide, nitric oxide and superoxide radical scavenging activity. Percentage inhibition of advanced glycation end‑products formation by Mother tincture, 6C and 30C of G. sylvestre (10‑50 μl) was found to be 38.66 to 95.80%, 30.93 to 81.48% and 31.34 to 60.92% respectively. Mother tincture, 6C and 30C of G. sylvestre showed an inhibitory effect against sorbitol accumulation with inhibitory concentration (IC50) value 27.55 μl, 197.96 μl and 1.009 ml respectively whereas in aldose reductase inhibition assay, the IC50 value of 28.10 μl, 159.71 μl and 0.82 ml respectively. Conclusion: These results suggested that Homoeopathic preparations of G. Sylvestre had potent antioxidant and antiglycation activity.
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