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Title: Standardisation of homoeopathic drug : Pastinaca sativa Linn.
Authors: Subramanian, P.
Rao, P.Padma
Gupta, H.C
Singh, Vikram
Nayak, C.
Keywords: Pastinaca sativa L.
fleshy roots
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: Indian Journal of Research In Homoeopathy Vol.4 (2)
Abstract: Pastinaca sativa Linn. a herb belonging to family Apiaceae Is a potential drug in homoeopathy. The fleshy root is used in delirium tremens, loquacity and intolerance to milk. The fleshy taproot is up to 30cm long, whitish, tapering with unpleasant odour. Transverse Section hows 2-3 layered corky tissue enclosing the cortex. Phloem and xylary bundles are dispersed in the cortex. Starch is present in cortical parenchyma. The histology reveals anomalous growth. Physico - chemical parameters of raw drug viz.., extractive values, ash values, formulations, besides wt. per ml, total solids, alcohol content along with Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) and Ultra Violet (UV) studies have been undertaken for mother tincture.
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