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Title: A case of haemorrhoids in a 12‑year‑old boy
Authors: Rath, Padmalaya
Kaur, Harleen
Keywords: Haemorrhoids
Dentate line
Individualized homoeopathy
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Indian Journal of Research In Homoeopathy Vol.8 (1)
Abstract: Haemorrhoids is a very common condition that a physician would encounter in day to day practice. However, haemorrhoids in children is not as common. The only known treatment for the condition in conventional medicine is surgical excision, which is generally not favoured at this age. The case reported here is that of an internal haemorrhoids in a 12‑year‑old child, who was treated successfully with homoeopathic medicine. The patient has been observed for more than 2 years without recurrence. Photographs were taken before and after treatment to record changes in the condition. Non‑recurrence of complaint in the past two and half years suggests that a ‘near permanent’ cure is achievable through individualised homoeopathic treatment.
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