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Title: Standardisation of Ficus carica L.: In homoeopathic perspective
Authors: Subramanian, P.
Rao, P. Padma
Reddy, T. Sheshashena
Sudhakar, P.
Reddy, P.R.
Sharma, Santhosh Kr.
Baburaj, D. Suresh
Keywords: Ficus carica L.
High performance thin layer chromatography
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Indian Journal of Research In Homoeopathy Vol.7 (4)
Abstract: Background: Ficus carica L. known as ‘Common Fig’ in English and ‘Anjir’ in Hindi, is a well known tree belonging to the family Moraceae. The unripe fruits are used as medicine in Homoeopathy. Objective: The pharmacognostic and physico–chemical studies are carried out to facilitate use of correct species and standard raw materials. Material and Methods: Pharmacognostic studies on unripe fruits of authentic samples of Ficus carica L. have been carried out; Physico–chemical parameters of raw drug viz., extractive value, ash values, formulation, besides weight per mL, total solids, alcohol content along with High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) and Ultra violet–visible studies have been worked out for mother tincture. Results: The unripe fruit is a syconium, globose, light green and externally tomentose. Stomata are anomocytic or actinocytic. Trichomes are unicellular conical. The 1–layered epidermis in transection (T.S.) is marked by hair bases with conspicuously large encircling cells. Inner cortex is aerenchymatous and possesses laticiferous tubes. Vascular bundles are present in the cortex towards inside. In T.S. inner fruit wall possess female fl owers. Physicochemical properties and HPTLC values of this plant have been standardised. Conclusion: The powder microscopic features and organoleptic characters along with anatomical and physico–chemical studies are diagnostic to establish the standards for the drug.
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