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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A case report of prurigo nodularis responsive to HomoeopathyMahajan, Nidhi; Chaturvedi, Deeksha; Alaria, Anita; Pal, Girendra
2020Building up the scientific evidence base of HomoeopathyKhurana, Anil
2020Effects of individualised homoeopathic intervention in Stage I essential hypertension: A single‑blind, randomised, placebo‑controlled trialVaranasi, Roja; Kolli, Raju; Rai, Yogendra; Ramesh, Dubashi; Kiranmayee, RGR; Reddy, G Ravi Chandra
2020Homoeopathic drug proving researches (1996–2018): A scoping reviewK. Manchanda, Raj; Khurana, Anil; Fisher, Peter; Singh Arya, Bhopal; Mehra, Pritha; Saha, Subhranil
2020A review on the role of Homoeopathy in epidemics with some reflections on COVID‑19 (SARS‑CoV‑2)Chaudhary, Anupriya; Khurana, Anil
2020Proposed interaction mechanism between medicine and the diseased cell in diluted homoeopathic medicineChaudhuri, Bijay Krishna; Chaudhuri, Biswadeep
2020An online cross‑sectional survey on knowledge, attitudes, practices and perspectives of homoeopathic practitioners towards COVID‑19Taneja, Divya; Khurana, Anil
2020Chronic Cholelithiasis treated with Homoeopathic medicine in 50th millesimal potency: A case reportRatna Sahoo, Amulya; Patnaik, Madhusmita; Khamari, Nilima; Sahoo, Somyaranjan
2020Homoeopathic nosodes, a neglected approach for epidemics: A critical reviewNayak, Debadatta; Varanasi, Roja
2020Holistic treatment of chronic myeloid leukaemia with adjuvant homoeopathic therapy: A case reportKumar R. T., Shaji