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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1949Laboratory Changes Under Homoeopathic TreatmentMattern, Russell K.
1954A Labour In A Mountain Not Yielding Even A MouseParikh, Sharad
1958Lac CaninumDutt, N.G.
1948Lac CaninumGrimmer, A.H.
1990Lac caninum: A remedy of self disgustWingfield Digby, Berkeley
1963LachesisBoman-Behram, A.K
1964LachesisWhitmont, Edward C.
1980Lachesis And Its Comparisons In Sexual SphereKrishnamurthy, P.S.
1992Lachesis: Metaphor (and myth) as medicineBedayn, Greg
2005The lady spends sleepless nightsKapse, Anand; Sanctiz, Nirmala
1922-03LaGrippe or Influenza-
1995Lapis Alba-
1964Late Lamented Dr. Surendra Nath Sengupta-
1962The Latent Miasms - How Can You Recognize Them?Luke, B.S.
2014Latest homoeopathic research synopsis during April - June, 2014-
2014Latest homoeopathic research synopsis during January - March, 2014-
2014Latest homoeopathic research synopsis during July – September (2014)-
2014Latest homoeopathic research synopsis from journals, websites and medline database-
2002Latrodectus mactansGuruprasad, MN