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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Dalkeith Homoeopathic clinic: the first yearHannaford, PF
2007Damiana – A Clinical Verification Study-
1965The Danger Of AntibioticsWheeler, F.J.
1965Dangerous Medicine-
1948Dangerous Trivialities Catarrh, Constipation, Indigestion, EtcBarker, J. Ellis
1962Daphne, Mezereum And GinsengC Gobar, Irving
2001Dare I give my experience with HIV patients?-
2005Dare to be wise- we accept the challengeAmir, Anwar
1977-04Data on which the Homoeopathic Prescription are basedKumta, Prakash S
1977-04Data on which the homoeopathic prescriptions are basedKanjilal, J N
2004Day care centre: A stress buster for mother and doctor!Parthasarathy, Vishpala; Shah, Bhavini
1979Dealing with suppressions in childrenRoberts, HA
1952The Decision of The Medical Council of IndiaB.K.S.
2010Decreased intensity of Japanese Encephalitis virus infection in chick chorioallantoic membrane under influence of ultradiluted Belladonna extractBandyopadhyay, Bhaswati; Das, Satadal; Sengupta, Milan; Saha, Chandan; Das, Kartick Chandra; Sarkar, Debabrata; Nayak, Chaturbhuja
1979Defective IllnessesSchmidt, Pierre
1983Defective SpermatogenesisMisra, Nityananda
1952Deficiency of Vitamins And MineralsRastogi, R.S.
1911Definite MedicationJones, Eli G
2013-06-24Delhi Health Services (Teaching Cadre Of Homoeopathy) Rules 2012Government of India
2015-03.Delhi Health Services General Duty Medical Officer (Homoeopathy) Rules 2013Government of Delhi