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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1955B.C.G. Vaccination - Why I Oppose ItRajagopalachari, C.
1961B.H.A Analysis of Asian Flu Nosode Results-
1979Baby therapeuticsMiller, ZT
1956Bacillary Dysentery And Its Modern TreatmentBasu, Sudhir Kumar
1980Back To BackHubbard, Elizabeth Wright
1955Back To BackHubbard, Elizabeth Wright
1961BackacheSchmidt, Roger A.
1965BackachePahwa, J.C
2005Backache- NotoalgiaKothari, Manu; Mehta, Lopa
2005Backache: An approachChevva, Mahesh
2005Backache: General ConceptsAsrani, CH
2011Bacopa monnieri - A multicentric, randomized, double-blind homoeopathic pathogenetic trialRajpal; Singh, Vinay Kr.; Siddiqui, V.A.; Nayak, C.; Mal, P.C.; Sarkar, D.B.
1983Bacteriology And HomoeopathyHehr, G.S.
2015-12-15Banning of Homoeopathy medicines in foreign countriesLal Jangde, Bhushan
1957Banquet AddressGrimmer, A.H.
2008Barberry and the treatment of sexual traumaLange, Andrew
1957Baryta CarbonicaCastro, Hilario Luna
2006Baryta Iodata - Clinical Verification Study-
1979Bases of A New Indian System of Comprehensive Therapeutics : 'Navayurveda'Sharma, R.R.