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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996A cry for genuine homoeopathic medicines in our standard practice throughout the worldGobinda Chowdhury, Pran
2004Crystals: Spirit and matterGowan, Silvie
1991Curcuma Longa-
2011Curcuma longa - A multicentric clinical verification studyChakraborty, P.S.; Ali, S. A.; Kaushik, Subhash; Ray, R.K.; Yadav, R.P.; Rai, M.K.; Singh, Darshan; Bhakat, A.K.
1979Cure of an ovarian tumourKent, JT
1952The Cure of Surgical Cases By HomoeopathyRenard, Leon
1959Cured Of AsthmaPorter, Virginia
1958Cured of AsthmaPorter, Virginia
1985Current Thinking On The MiasmsKruszewski, Gregory
1961Current TopicsJ.N.K
1964Curriculum For Homoeopathic Education-
1959Curriculum For Homoeopathic StudentsBhattacherjee, S.M
2009Cuscuta reflexa: A Double Blind Homoeopathic Pathogenetic TrialShaw, R.; Siddiqui, V.A.; Rajpal; Singh, Vinay Kr.; Dey, N.R.
1990CyclamenLogan, Robin
1958Cyclamen EuropaeumTroup, Ronald M.
2002Cyclamen-europaeum: Terrors of conscienceKasiviswanathan, TK
1980Cynodon Dactylon-
2005Cystadenoma of ovaryMehrotra, Sonu
2005The Cytogenetic Effects of Repeated Exposure To Ultrasonic Sound Waves In Mice And Their Alterations By A Homoeopathic Drug, Arnica MontanaBiswas, Surjyo Jyoti; Khuda-Bukhsh, A.R