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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000The Role of Homoeopathic Medicines In The Treatment of Schizophrenia - An Analytic ReportShaw, R.
2012Role of homoeopathic medicines in treating uterine fibroid: a prospective observational studyQuadri, Iqbal Jahan; Ali, MD Shahid; Vatsalya, B.; Ponnam, Hima Bindu; Parveen S, Nikhat
2015Role of homoeopathic mother tinctures in rheumatoid arthritis: An experimental studySingh, Surender; Karwasra, Ritu; Kalra, Prerna; Kumar, Rohit; Rani, Shalu; Nayak, Debadatta; Gupta, Y.K.
1993Role of Homoeopathic Therapy In HIV +ve ThalassaemicsSingh, V.; Rastogi, D.P; Dey, S.K.; Rao, P.k.
2010Role of homoeopathic treatment in scabies infection in adivasi children attending ashram shalas (resident schools)Chandrasekhar, Goda; Tamboli, Prashant; Patil, Sharmila
2019The role of homoeopathic treatment in women suffering from post-caesarean backache: An open observational clinical trialNath, Arunava; De, Mahadeb; Singh, Subhas; Kundu, Nivedita; Michael, James; Sadhukhan, Satarupa
1984Role of Homoeopathy In An Epidemic-
1992Role of Homoeopathy In Auto - Immune DiseasesRaveendar, Ch.
1985Role of Homoeopathy In Health For All By The Year 2000Abhyankar, Shantanu Sharad
1994Role of Homoeopathy In PsychiatryBalachandran, V.A.
1992The role of homoeopathy in surmounting the present day health hazardsChandra Paul, Subhas
2022Role of homoeopathy in the management of adhesive capsulitis: A pretest-posttest studyChoubey, Gurudev; Nahar, Laijun; Banerjee, Abhiram; Roja, Varanasi
1984Role of Institutions Imparting Homoeo. Training By Correspondence And Five Point Programme To Promote Homoeo. ServicesSundd, Harbanslal
1961The Role of Phosphorous In Our Problems of Increasing RadiationEikenberry, H.W
1964The Role Of The Adrenals In Health DiseaseRoss, A.C.Gordon
1966The Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital - Some Historic Facts-
1990Rubrics in Boenninghausen not to be found in KentWright Hubbard, Elizabeth
1990Rule by brussels: Liberation or liquidation for natural medicines?Huggon, Tom
1961Rupture And Its Homoeopathic TreatmentMalhan, G.S
2005Ruta graveolens (rue-bitterort) for flat wartMishra, SC