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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1979Bases of A New Indian System of Comprehensive Therapeutics : 'Navayurveda'Sharma, R.R.
2001Basic general informationAsrani, CH
1963The Basic Medical SciencesA.B.G
1956The Basis of Investigation of Bacterial TherapeuticsWoodbury, Benjamin C.
1995The battle of Homoeopathic dilutionsBrand, Tony
1963The Battle Of The BulgeMassachusetts, Doris Waldstein
1993Be an expert in using all available toolsJames, KJ
1966Be Aware of The So-Called Modernizers of Homoeopathy-
1977-10Be loyal to HomoeopathyCorea, C V S
1959Be Loyal To Pure HomoeopathyCorea, C.V.S.
1983The Beauty of Homoeopathic Materia MedicaKrishna Murty, P.S.
2000The Beginner's Guide To HomoeopathyLockie, Andrew; Geddes, Nicola
1982The Beginning of Modern HomoeopathyJussal, R.L.; Dua, R.D.
1983The Beginning of Modern Homoeopathy Animal Testing Vs. ProvingJussal, R.L.; Dua, R.D.
1980Belladonna In Brain Fever Or EncephalitisLakshminarayana, S.K.; Chalapathy, G.V.
1957Belladonna In HerpesGhosh, Sujoy K.
2004Bellis Perennis-
1957Bellis PerennisStevens, Grace
1950The Bengal Homoeopathic Institute-
2018Benign prostatic hyperplasia: An evidence‑based case report treated with HomoeopathyChakma, Abhijit; Shil, Ratan Chandra; Ghosh, Madhu Sudhan