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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Kendriya Homoeopathic Anusandhan Parishad Ki Gatividhiyan-
1992Kendriya Homoeopathic Anusandhan Parishad Ki Gatividhiyan-
1992Kendriya Homoeopathy Anusandhan Parishad Ka Bharat Mein ShodhkaryaRastogi, D.P.
1993Kent's repertoriumG, Pieters
2014-12-31Kerala State for appointment in the under mentioned postGovernment of Kerala
1885The Key Notes of Medical PracticeGatchell, CH.
1947Key-Notes And The Rule of Three-
1979The keynote or characteristic indications of the materia medicaGuernsey, HN
1979Keynote Prescribing In Kali CarbKrishnamurty, P.S.
1980Keynotes For Homoeopathic Remedies In SurgeryStearns, Guy B.
1966Keynotes of Some Outstanding New ProvingsStephenson, James
1961A Kind of Phthisis Associated With The Skin DiseaseBhumananda
2003Knowing the mind in homoeopathic practice IIDhawale, KM
2007Knowledge and Attitudes about HIV/AIDS among Homoeopathic Practitioners and Educators in IndiaNyamathi, Adeline; Singh, Vijay Pal; Lowe, Ann; Khurana, Anil; Taneja, Divya; George, Sheba; Fahey, John L.
1977-11Knowledge of DiseaseKanjilal, J N
2003Knowledge of venous disease: Not in vain!Asrani, CH
2015Knowledge, attitude, practice, and beliefs about drug proving in students of HomoeopathyTaneja, Divya; Khurana, Anil; Mathew, George; Padmanabhan, Maya; Sharma, Shilpa; Manchanda, Raj K.
2001A Koch's caseMetkar, Sushma
1965Koch's InfectionVaradhan, V. Sundara
1949Laboratory Changes Under Homoeopathic TreatmentMattern, Russell K.