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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1977-08Immune-Types in Relation to a Unified Theory of 'Constitutional Heat' and Proposition of a New Thermometer for measuring body temperatureRamayya, N
1965Immunity And HealthA.B.G
2008Immunological studies on Rheumatoid Arthritis treated with Homeopathic drugs: Results of the Pilot StudyRao, Prakash; Prasanna M, Nagalakshmi
2018Immunomodulatory effects of homoeopathic medicines: A review of pre‑clinical studiesGupta, V. K.; Mathur, Mohit
2018Impact of forbidden foodstuffs on the efficacy of homoeopathic medicines: An in vitro evaluationGupta, Girish; Srivastava, A. K.; Gupta, Naveen; Gupta, Gaurang; Mishra, Sunil
1952Impatience : A Differential DiagnosisWhitmont, Edward
1960Impatience : A Differential DiagnosisWhitmont, Edward
1979Impatience: A Different diagnosisWhitmont, Edward
1949The Imponderable DosesHurtado, Eusebio Davalos
2004Importance of diagnostic methods in establishing pathways of radical cureParanjpe, AS
1980The Importance of Host Oriented System of TreatmentZutshi, Pratap
1963The Importance Of Kent's Repertory In The Clinic And PracticeMittal, K.C
1992Importance of mental symptomsJames, KJ
2005Importance of plant in prophet's homoeopathyAnwar Baig, Mirza
1983Important Remedies In Diabetes-
1965Impressions Of French HomoeopathyHarling, Marianne
1962Imprint of Source on DrugSukerkar, N.P.
1977-11Improve the standard of homoeopaths-
1965Improving Upon Homoeopathy Vulgarizing ITKanjilal, J.N
2019Improving Validity and Reliability of HomoeopathyKumar Manchanda, Raj