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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1947How To Treat Obscure CasesBarker, J. Ellis
1949How To Treat Quinsy Or TonsillitisBeta
1984How To Treat The Diseases of The LiverKaro, W.
1947How To Treat The Diseases of The LiverKaro, W.
2005How will I live alone?Jaiswal, Sushma
1991Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infection, Including AIDS : Does Homoeopathy Has A Role To Play In Its Treatment ?Rastogi, D.P.; Singh, V.P.
1977-08Human Pendulam-A Plausible HypothesisRay, Sri Tushar
1959Humanism In HahnemannBhattacherjee, S.M
1947Hundred Peculiar SymptomsChopra, P.N.
1980Hydrastis CanadensisDuprat, Henry
1954Hydrastis Canadensis In Mammary CancerCastro, Hilario Luna
2003Hydrocotyle Asiatica-
1948Hydrocyanic Acid - Friend or FoeEnstam, Carl H.
1985Hydrocyanic Acid - Friend or FoeEnstam, Carl H.
1964HydrophobiaRao, P.Janardana
2013Hydroquinone: Homoeopathic Pathogenetic TrialShah, Rajesh
2005The hygiene hypothesis revisitedTeixeira, MZ
2004Hygrophila Spinosa-
1982HypertensionBowie, R.C.
1957HypertensionNeiswander, H.A.