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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1985Drug Proving/ Re-Proving-
1964Drug Provings In A New RoleYoung, W.W.
1961Drug RelationshipLuke, B.K.
1944Drug RelationshipKnerr, Calvin B
1944Drug RelationshipKnerr, Calvin B
2002Drug Standardisation And Homoeopathic Pharmaceutical IndustryMuzumdar, K.P.
2017-11-10Drugs and Cosmetics (11th Amendment) Rules, 2017.Government of India
2015-05-18Drugs and cosmetics (4th Amendment) Rules 2015.Government of India
2016-08-02Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940Government of India
2013-12-30Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940 NotificationGovernment of India
2014-09-01The Drugs and Cosmetics Rules 2014.Government of India
2016-07-25Drugs and Cosmetics Rules,1945.Government of India
1964Drugs And DosesRaeside, J.R.
1962Drugs And DosesRaeside, JR
1966Drugs For City Dwellers-
1977-03Dry up the gulf between part A and part B registered homoeopaths and raise up the standard of homoeopathic practitioners-
1979Durga : The Mother of Univerasal Dynamism-
1979The dynamic element of the remedyAllen, HC
1957The Dynamic Element Of The RemedyMahandru, Puran Singh
1984Dynamic Form of Homoeopathic MedicineShukla, Suryakant