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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1980The Doctrine of DosageSarkar, P.C.
1993Does a homoeopathic drug really possess curative property?Ravindran, TG
1961Does Homoeopathic Method of Treatment Really Require Longer Time For Cure?Kanjilal, J.N.
1965Does Hypnotism Have A Place In Homoeopathic Practice ?Neiswander, Allen C.
1952The Dogmatic And The Scientific Approach In MedicineLedermann, E.K.
1995Dogs and the fear of thunderstormsTobin, Stephen
1839Domestic HomoeopathyCurie, P.F.
1983Dosage, Potency And Repetition In The Homoeopathic System of MedicineSingh, Manmohan
1983The Dose And Its RepetitionUnderhill, Eugbne
1966The Doses of Medicines That Hahnemann UsedPrasad, S.
2014Dose‑dependent effect of homoeopathic drug Zinc sulphate on plant growth using Bacopa monnieri as model systemGupta, Vivek Kumar; Ray, Jutika Rani; Singh, Vishal Kumar; Pathak, Surya Deo; Nayak, Chaturbhuja; Darokar, Mahendra P.
1997Double Blind Placebo Controlled Clinical Trials of Homoeopathic Medicines In Warts And Molluscum ContagiosumManchanda, R.K.; Mehan, Neena; Bahl, Ritu; Atey, Rajni
2001A double blind placebo controlled study: homoeopathy in HIV infectionRastogi, DP; Singh, VP; Singh, Vikram; Dey, SK; Rao, K
2009Double blind placebo controlled trial of Homoeopathic medicines in the management of withdrawal symptoms in Opium addicts and its alkaloid derivatives-dependentsGrover, Ajay; Bhushan, Bharat; Goel, Rajesh
2015A double‑blind, placebo‑controlled Homoeopathic Pathogenetic Trial of Nanocurcumin 6XMohanty, Niranjan; Choudhury, Sujata Kumari; Jena, Santosh Kumar
1984A Dozen Cases Treated And Cured By PolypharmacyMukherji, J.
2005Dr James Tyler KentKanjilal, Tapan
1992Dr. Hahnemann A multisplendoured personalityWadia, SR
1955Dr. Hahnemann And His ContributionsSaxena, K.G.
1947Dr. Kent And HomoeopathyGoodwin, Kathleen M.