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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1982Chromatographic Differentiation of Drugs, Arum Dracontium, Arum Maculatum, And Arum TriphyllumVarma, P.N.; Lohar, D.R.; Satsangi, A.K.
1983The Chromatographic Studies For Differential Identification of Homoeopathic Drugs of Asclepias SpeciesVarma, P.N.; Lohar, D.R.
1979Detection of Adulterants In AsafoetidaVarma, P.N.; Talwar, S.K.; Garg, G.P.
1979Gas - Liquid Chromatography of Fatty Acids of Leaves of Abroma Augusta LinnVarma, P.N.; Talwar, S.K.; Garg, G.P.
1979Identification of Amino Acids In Avena Sativa As An Additional Standards In Statutory Control of TinctureVarma, P.N.; Saxena, V.K.; Satsangi, A.K.
1984A New Method For Estimation of Potassium Picrate In Homoeopathic Drug Kali PicricumVarma, P.N.; Lohar, D.R.; Upadhyay, N.K.
1985Pharmacognostic Studies of Fruits Of Crataegus Oxyacantha LinnVikramaditya; Raj, J.; Varma, P.N.
1985Pharmacognostic Studies of Seeds of Simaba Cedron PlanchVikramaditya; Raj, J.; Gupta, H.C.; Varma, P.N.
1982Pharmacognostic Study of Ledum PalustreVikrimaditya, Sarvasri; Gupta, H.C.; Varma, P.N.