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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200410th Dr Sarla Sonawala Memorial Seminar, Feb 01, 2004Tiwari, NL
2003Angry child with gliomaTiwari, NL
2004Learning from our failuresTiwari, NL
2004Nasal polyp: From confusion to clarityTiwari, NL
2001Perceiving a remedy portrait Kali bichromiumTiwari, NL
2004Spondylitis dyspepsia and tension headacheTiwari, NL
2005Sycosis and thuja: A comparisonTiwari, NL
2005Sycotic miasm in clinical practiceTiwari, NL
2005Unprejudiced observer: Concept evolution application and relevance in Homoeopathic practiceTiwari, NL