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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1982Chronic HoarsenessShepherd, Dorothy
1982Eye Diseases And HomoeopathyShepherd, Dorothy
1982Homoeopathy And Skin DiseasesShepherd, Dorothy
1945Homoeopathy for the First-AiderShepherd, Dorothy
1953Homoeopathy for the First-AiderShepherd, Dorothy
1967Homoeopathy in Epidemic DiseaseShepherd, Dorothy
1949Is Homoeopathy Faith HealingShepherd, Dorothy
1982MezereumShepherd, Dorothy
1951A Physician's PosyShepherd, Dorothy
1951A Physician's PosyShepherd, Dorothy
1949A Rapid Cure Of EaracheShepherd, Dorothy
1983Some Complications of The Infectious DiseasesShepherd, Dorothy