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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1979Bases of A New Indian System of Comprehensive Therapeutics : 'Navayurveda'Sharma, R.R.
1979A Case of Chronic Aural Vertigo Treated By HomoeopathySharma, R.R.
1982Experimental Support For Principle of Dynamization, Law of Similars And For New Science of UltramicroxenopathySharma, R.R.; Agnihotri, A.; Gogna, M.L.
1982Scientific Bases of DynamizationSharma, R.R.
1982Scientific Bases of Homoeopathy, Xeno-Biology, Ultramicroxenopathy, Unified Therapeutics And MoreSharma, R.R.
1979Scientific Bases of Homoeopathy: Homoeopathic Drug Proving And Materia Medica As New Science of XenobiologySharma, R.R.
1979Scientific Bases of Homoeopathy: Operational Laws of Homoeopathy As Comprising New Science of UltramicroxenopathySharma, R.R.
1979Scientific Bases of Homoeopathy: The Concept of Vital Force As Molecular Mechanisms Basic To Profound Homoeopathic StateSharma, R.R.
1979A Unified Theoretical Approach To Homoeopathy, Immunology And Raja Yoga And Its ConsequencesSharma, R.R.