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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Day care centre: A stress buster for mother and doctor!Parthasarathy, Vishpala; Shah, Bhavini
2005Is long distance treatment effective?Parthasarathy, Vishpala; Shah, Bhavini
2003My learning curveShah, Bhavini
2005The perfect responseParthasarathy, Vishpala; Shah, Bhavini
2004Remedy selection: Inspiration, intuition or hard work?Parthasarathy, Vishpala; Shah, Bhavini
2004A study of the remedy: Mag-phosShah, Bhavini
2005Sure shot rapid curesParthasarathy, Vishpala; Shah, Bhavini; Jaiswal, Sushma
2005The upwardly mobile manParthasarathy, Vishpala; Shah, Bhavini