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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1961BackacheSchmidt, Roger A.
1958A Case of Gout - Comparison Between Colchicum, Ledum And Benzoic AcidSchmidt, Roger A.
1966Dioscorea VillosaSchmidt, Roger A.
1964Is The Patient Cured By The Homoeopathic Remedy Alone?Schmidt, Roger A.
1962Local Versus General Symptoms IndicationsSchmidt, Roger A.
1984Proteus - A Bach NosodeSchmidt, Roger A.
1980Proteus - A Bach NosodeSchmidt, Roger A.
1979Psychosomatic Medicine As A Homoeopathic ConceptSchmidt, Roger A.
1952What About Tonsils?Schmidt, Roger A.