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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Attenuation of Complete Freund’s Adjuvant-induced arthritis by different dilutions of Eupatorium perfoliatum and Crotalus horridus and their safety evaluationSingh, Surender; Karwasra, Ritu; Kalra, Prerna; Nayak, Debadatta; K Khurana, Anil; K Manchanda, Raj
2018Changes in viral load in different organs of Japanese Encephalitis virus‑infected chick embryo under the influence of Belladonna 200CChakraborty, Urmita; Katoch, Shailja; Sinha, Moonmoon; Nayak, Debadatta; Khurana, Anil; Manchanda, Raj K.; Sarkar, Debabrata; Das, Satadal
2017Characterization and haemocompatibility of Aurum metallicum for its potential therapeutic applicationKar, Subrata; Chakraborty, Monalisa; Nandy, Papiya; Basu, Ruma; Dasa, Sukhen; Bhar, Durga Sankar; Manchanda, Raj K.; Khurana, Anil; Nayak, Debadatta
2014Evaluation of safety profile of homoeopathic mother tincturesSingh, Surender; Kumar, Rohit; Karwasra, Ritu; Kalra, Prerna; Rani, Shalu; Nayak, Debadatta; Gupta, Y.K.
2014Homoeopathic Genus Epidemicus ‘Bryonia alba’ as a prophylactic during an outbreak of Chikungunya in India: A cluster -randomised, double -blind, placebocontrolled trialNair, K. R. Janardanan; Gopinadhan, S.; Kurup, T. N. Sreedhara; Aggarwal, Abha; Varanasi, Roja; Nayak, Debadatta; Padmanabhan, Maya; Oberai, Praveen; Singh, Hari
2020Homoeopathic nosodes, a neglected approach for epidemics: A critical reviewNayak, Debadatta; Varanasi, Roja
2015Homoeopathic preparation of Berberis vulgaris as an inhibitor of Calcium oxalate crystallization: An in vitro evidenceGanesan, Thellamudhu; Bhavani Ravi, Divya; Vasavan, Jyothilakshmi; Khurana, Anil; Nayak, Debadatta; Periandavan, Kalaiselvi
2020Homoeopathy in the management of infectious diseases: Different facets of its use and implications for the futureVaranasi, Roja; Nayak, Debadatta
2014Managing acute alcohol withdrawal with Homoeopathy: A prospective, observational, multicentre exploratory studyNayak, Debadatta; Arora, Saurav; Singh, Uttam; Borah, Nitali; Thakur, J.N.; Khurana, Anil; Nair, K.R.J.; Gupta, Jaya; Singh, Hari; Kumar, Rajesh; Nayak, C.
2016An observation on direct changes in Aedes albopictus midgut cells by Rhus tox 6C in relation to dengue virus infectionSinha, Moonmoon; Roy, Enakshi; Das, Satadal; Sarkar, Debabrata B.; Nayak, Debadatta; Khurana, Anil; Manchanda, Raj Kumar
2011A prospective multicentre observational study to evaluate the role of homeopathic therapy with a group of predefined homoeopathic medicines in the management of gastroenteritisNayak, C.; Singh, Vikram; Singh, Hari; Chakraborty, P S; Kaushik, Subhash; Nayak, Debadatta; Kumar, Vinay
2009A Prospective Multicentric Observational Study to Evolve the Usefulness of the Predefined Homoeopathic Medicines in the Management of Acute Diarrheal Disease in ChildrenNayak, C.; Singh, Vikram; Singh, Hari; Sharma, Anita; Oberai, Praveen; Roja, Varanasi; Nayak, Debadatta
2008Role of Cephalandra indica Q in the management of Diabetes Mellitus as an add-on medicine along with conventional antidiabeticsBaig, Hafeezullah; Sharma, S. R.; Sharma, Anita; Oberai, Praveen; Nayak, Debadatta; Mishra, Alok
2015Role of homoeopathic mother tinctures in rheumatoid arthritis: An experimental studySingh, Surender; Karwasra, Ritu; Kalra, Prerna; Kumar, Rohit; Rani, Shalu; Nayak, Debadatta; Gupta, Y.K.