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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Morpho-anatomy of leaf, stem and root of Alternanthera sessilis (L.) R. Br. ex DC and Alternanthera pungens Kunth (Amaranthaceae) and its significance in drug identificationGupta, H.C.; Raj, J.; Rathi, A.; Sundaram, E.N.; Manchanda, R.K.
1992On Controversy of The Homoeopathic Drug Ruta Graveolens Linn. Vis- A- Vis Ruta Chalepensis Linn.Gupta, H.C.
1995On The Occurrence And Availability of Medicinal Plants Used In HomoeopathyGupta, H.C.
2003Pharamacognostic Studies of The Seeds of Ulex Europaeus Linn.Gupta, H.C.
2003Pharamacognostic Studies on Stem And Leaves of Mirabilis Jalapa Linn.Gupta, H.C.
1985Pharmacognostic Studies of Seeds of Simaba Cedron PlanchVikramaditya; Raj, J.; Gupta, H.C.; Varma, P.N.
1982Pharmacognostic Study of Ledum PalustreVikrimaditya, Sarvasri; Gupta, H.C.; Varma, P.N.
2008Pharmacognosy of Prunus laurocerasus Linn-A Homoeopathic DrugRao, P. Padma; Reddy, K. Janardhan; Gupta, H.C.
2012Standardisation and Quality Control of Homoeopathic Drug Pimenta officinalis Lindl.Rao, P. Padma; Subramanian, P.; Sudhakar, P.; Reddy, T. Sheshashena; Reddy, P.R.; Gupta, H.C.
2011Standardisation of Ammi visnaga L. Fruit – A homoeopathic drugRao, P. Padma; Subramanian, P.; Reddy, P.R.; Gupta, H.C.
2011Standardisation of Homoeopathic drug - Aquilegia vulgaris L.Gupta, H.C.; Subramanian, P.; Rao, P. Padma; Raj, J.; Sharma, Santosh K.
2011Standardisation of Homoeopathic drug - Syzygium Jambos (L.) Alston.Rao, P. Padma; Subramanian, P.; Reddy, P.R.; Gupta, H.C.
2010Standardization studies on Cuscuta reflexa Roxb. - A new homoeopathic drugGupta, H.C.; Subramanian, P.; Rao, P.Padma; Kushwaha, D.S.; Nayak, C.