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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1966Allen And LippeFarrington, Harvey
1960Allen And LippeFarrington, Harvey
1952Anterior Pituitrin In A Complicated Chronic CaseFarrington, Harvey
1956The Art of Cure By HomoeopathyFarrington, Harvey
1979Clinical confirmations of some of the lesser remediesFarrington, Harvey
1983Clinical Confirmations of Some of The Lesser RemediesFarrington, Harvey
1953Fagopyrum AesculentumFarrington, Harvey
1956Hahnemann's "New And Improved Method" of Repetition, Organon 6th EditionFarrington, Harvey
1957History Of The Simile In MedicineFarrington, Harvey
1979Homoeopathy is good for childrenFarrington, Harvey
1903Journal of HomoeopathicsFarrington, Harvey
1953Miraculous Action of The Homoeopathic Remedy In Infants And ChildrenFarrington, Harvey
1979Renal calculi cured by the homoeopathic remedyFarrington, Harvey
1983The Study of Materia MedicaFarrington, Harvey
1948Tabloid Materia MedicaFarrington, Harvey
1956A Truth IgnoredFarrington, Harvey
1955What Homoeopathy Can Do For AnimalsFarrington, Harvey