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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1961An AddressChand, Diwan Harish
1977The Homeopathic aggravationChand, Diwan Harish
1980The Homoeopathic AggravationChand, Diwan Harish
1962A Life Sketch of Dr. Diwan Jai ChandChand, Diwan Harish
1995Microdoses MegaresultsChand, Diwan Harish
1982Physician Heal ThyselfChand, Diwan Harish
1979Presidential AddressChand, Diwan Harish
1966Principles of Homoeopathy In Relation To Conceptions of Allergy And ImmunityChand, Diwan Harish
1962Welcome AddressChand, Diwan Harish