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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992Additions To The checklist of Homoeopathic Medicinal Plants of IndiaBaburaj, D. Suresh; Nain, S.S.; Rajan, S.
2005Economically Viable Medicinal Plants Useful In The Homoeopathic System of MedicineBaburaj, D. Suresh
1995Exotic Medicinal Plants Useful In Homoeopathy Found In Nilgiri District Tamil NaduBaburaj, D. Suresh; Britto, S. John; Mathew, G.K
1991Further Additions To The Checklist of Homoeopathic Medicinal Plants of IndiaBaburaj, D. Suresh; Nain, Surendra Singh
1989Homoeopathic Flora of India, 1 : ViolaceaeDawre, M.S.; Baburaj, D. Suresh; Nain, S.S; Rajan, S.
2002Medicinal Plants Identification And Cultivation For Quality Manufacturing of Homoeopathic DrugsBaburaj, D. Suresh
1991Nomenclatural Changes In Indian Homoeopathic Medicinal PlantsDawre, M.S.; Baburaj, D. Suresh; Rajan, S.
2013Pharmacognostic and high performance thin layer chromatography finger printing of Pyrus malus LinnRao, P. Padma; Subramanian, P.; Sudhakar, P.; Reddy, T. Sheshashena; Reddy, P. Ramachandra; Baburaj, D. Suresh
2015Pharmacognostic study of Chamaecyparis lawsoniana (Murr.) Parl.: A drug used in HomoeopathyRathi, Anshu; Baburaj, D. Suresh; Sundaram, E. N.; Kumar, Sunil; Khurana, Anil; Manchanda, Raj K.
2001A Review of Indian Homoeopathic Medicinal Plants With Nomenclatural Changes And SubstitutionsBaburaj, D. Suresh
1987Some Interesting And Common Medicinal Plants of Nilgiri District Used In HomoeopathyDawre, M.S.; Baburaj, D. Suresh; Nain, S.S.; Rajan, S.
2013Standardisation of Ficus carica L.: In homoeopathic perspectiveSubramanian, P.; Rao, P. Padma; Reddy, T. Sheshashena; Sudhakar, P.; Reddy, P.R.; Sharma, Santhosh Kr.; Baburaj, D. Suresh