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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993The case report of my ownAnwar Baig, Mirza
2001Homeopathy: For hepatitis B & CAnwar Baig, Mirza
2001Homoeopathic vaccines: A Possible approach in treating HIV/AIDSAnwar Baig, Mirza
2005Importance of plant in prophet's homoeopathyAnwar Baig, Mirza
2004Lupus of larynx: A case of SLE?Anwar Baig, Mirza
2002Ms Iron v/s local train: A case of Rheumatic valvular heart!Anwar Baig, Mirza
2003Multiple personality disorder syndrome?Anwar Baig, Mirza
2004Naja treats PUOAnwar Baig, Mirza
2002Secrets of classical homoeopathyAnwar Baig, Mirza
2003Tiny tots the victim of food additivesAnwar Baig, Mirza
2003Two cases of mysterious vein diseaseAnwar Baig, Mirza