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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Effectiveness of train the trainer module in delivery of HIV prevention messages for Homoeopathy and Ayurveda practitionersTaneja, Divya; Nyamathi, Adeline; Khurana, Anil; Srikanth, N.; Nayak, Chaturbhuja; Padhi, M. M.; Padmanabhan, Maya; Singhal, Richa
2020Ferrum phosphoricum 3X and Ferrum metallicum 3X in the Treatment of Iron Deficiency Anaemia in Children: Randomized Parallel Arm StudyKhurana, Anil; Mittal, Renu; Rath, Padmalaya; Moorthy, Karunakara; Taneja, Divya
2017Homoeopathic research in vitiligo: Current scenarioDewan, Deepti; Taneja, Divya; Singh, Uttam; Mittal, Renu; Khurana, Anil
2007Knowledge and Attitudes about HIV/AIDS among Homoeopathic Practitioners and Educators in IndiaNyamathi, Adeline; Singh, Vijay Pal; Lowe, Ann; Khurana, Anil; Taneja, Divya; George, Sheba; Fahey, John L.
2015Knowledge, attitude, practice, and beliefs about drug proving in students of HomoeopathyTaneja, Divya; Khurana, Anil; Mathew, George; Padmanabhan, Maya; Sharma, Shilpa; Manchanda, Raj K.
2020An online cross‑sectional survey on knowledge, attitudes, practices and perspectives of homoeopathic practitioners towards COVID‑19Taneja, Divya; Khurana, Anil
2016An open‑label pilot study to explore usefulness of Homoeopathic treatment in nonerosive gastroesophageal reflux diseaseMittal, Renu; Khurana, Anil; Ghosh, M.S.; Bawaskar, Ramesh; Taneja, Divya; Kashyap, Sandhya; Manchanda, Raj K.
2018An open‑label pilot study to identify the usefulness of adjuvant homoeopathic medicines in the treatment of cerebral stroke patientsAbbas, Aslam; Ali, Md Shahid; Ponnam, Hima Bindu; Taneja, Divya; Khurana, Anil; Nayak, Chaturbhuja; Santapur, Anil
2022A scientific convention on the World Homoeopathy Day: ‘Homoeopathy: People’s choice for wellness’ – A Conference ReportR Kondle, Babita; Taneja, Divya; Kaushik, Subhash